Hello and welcome! You’re an entry level Software Engineer looking to set yourself up for an awesome career in software engineering. I’m Maulik Shah and I want to make you fluent in speaking “computer science” and get you promoted. By becoming fluent in discussing and applying concepts in computer science and software development, you’ll be able to get to the next level. I’ve been working in the industry since 2002 and here are the highlights of my resume:

  • BS Computer Science, Stanford University
  • MS Computational Biosciences, Arizona State University
  • Software Engineer, Google
  • Software Development Manager, Amazon
  • Projects have ranged from distributed systems to web applications to bioinformatics.

I’ve had the pleasure and fortune of working with some of the best software engineers in the world. I’ve noticed I can converse with them in shorthand, but I didn’t know why. Eventually, I realized we all shared a common set of knowledge that allowed us to quickly communicate and grasp concepts almost instantly. When I asked myself how this was possible, I concluded it was due to exposure. It’s very difficult acquire knowledge about things you’ve never heard of.

At CS Fluency, I want to dig deep into challenges faced by software engineers and discuss the mindsets of the best software engineers. I want to explicitly breakdown the assumed knowledge and skills in a way that you can apply for yourself. Most importantly I want to aid you as you work on your craft.

You want more!? I’m a lefty, vegetarian, photographer who loves to play basketball, hike and will beat you at corn hole, darts and Street Fighter II. I’ve been “reading” two audiobooks a month for over a decade and consider my Audible.com subscription the best money I spend all month. If you want to show or teach me how you do what you do well, I will give you my undivided attention; I don’t care if it’s writing a song, brain surgery, or digging a hole. Everyday I try to get better at making decisions … with varying degrees of success.

Contact Information

Please find me on LinkedIn or through email by judiciously combining: ‘csfluency’, ‘.com’, ‘@’, and ‘maulik’. I also hang out on reddit as /u/cs_fluency.

I especially love hearing about what you want to hear about!

Of course, all content on this site represents my personal view of the world, and in no way speaks for my current or past employers.